Friday, September 10, 2010

Wires and Doctors and Tests Oh My!

First of all, HAPPY FRIDAY and WAR EAGLE!

It was a close call but a Win is a Win! Don't make us so nervous next time Auburn!

This afternoon I am headed off to my last hoorah before I become Mrs. Whatley with almost all of my bridesmaids for my Bachelorette Party in Atlanta! Soooo fun! I cannot wait!

Let me give you a little update about what has been going on in my life the last few days. I have been oddly tired most of the time for the last 8 or so months. We have pretty much just brushed it off and then on Monday I had a strange incident at the lake. I fell asleep on the swing at the lake and then when Chris tried to wake me up it was abnormally difficult to wake me up. It took him 4 or so minutes of shaking me, patting me on the back, talking to me before I would come to, etc. Then, when I did come to I was very disoriented, dizzy, had a horrible headache, my memory was hazy, and more. It took about 45 minutes before I was my normal self again and then I still had a headache. Then, a similar incident happened on Wednesday morning. This is when the doctors came into play. My three sets of caretakers- Chris, my parents, and Chris' parents made sure I went to a doctor. Wednesday afternoon I went to the doctor and first they checked my blood sugar which was low. (Background info- I'm hypoglycemic) Then Chris started talking to him about everything that happened and other symptons those around me have noticed and thats when I became overwhelmed. My wonderful doctor who I have seen for 20 years (yes that is all the life I can even remember) started pulling out forms and listing the tests I have to go through.

So, on this day that was 31 days until I get married he began to tell me before the wedding I need to have ....
1- Blood/Lab Work
2- Wear a holter (heart monitor) for 24 hours (Image of what that looks like below)
3- EEG
4- EKG
5- MRI of the Head
6- Carotid Ultrasound
7- Glucose Tolerance Test
8- Sleep Study

Hmmm- I think that might be it! So I wore my heart monitor for 24 hours with wires all over me looking as if I was a test subject- thank you for not making me wear that during my Bachelorette party! So whew thats a lot. Please keep me in your prayers as they do all of these tests that they figure out what is making these strange things happen!

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