Friday, January 28, 2011

Jackson "Jacks" Whatley

Let me introduce you to the latest love of my life! Who knew you could be so in love with such a little furball? He truly lights up each day! He has been such a joy and blessing that I cannot possibly express! Our little furball bundle of joy was born on October 1st! How precious... he was born right before we got married! He is currently 17 weeks as of today and is 5.6 lbs!
I have literally been crazy momma this week because he got sick twice! Apparently Havanese have very sensitive tummies and can get themselves in a wad over them! No worries, he's all better now and super ready for a weekend at home with his parents! Mom and Dad are proud parents of their super pup! I must brag and say he's NEVER had a #2 accident in the house! YAY :)

That's all for today! For now, enjoy these pics of his precious face!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So Sorry!!!

I know I know, I am officially a bad blogger! I started this series that I was super excited about in December and I only finished half of it. I can completely blame it on how the busyness of the Christmas season got the best of me but its still lazy blogging! Anyway, the final two things our church helped sponsor that I was going to tell you about were....
1- Compassion International
2- Building wells in Zambia.

First, Compassion International is an incredible organization. So many of us see these children in these countries that are so distant from us and we don't know what we can do to help. At that time, the calling on yours or my life may not be to travel overseas on a mission trip, or to adopt a child from one of these countries. So then what can you do to specifically help a child and build that relationship. You can sponsor a child through Compassion International. You can pick your child, boy/girl, and whatever country you want! You then pay monthly to provide this child with all his needs. Such a small sum of money can provide a child so much. You can build a relationship with this child and write them letters and many people one day have the chance to meet the Compassion child they sponsor. This is truly one thing you can do that makes a HUGE difference in the life of that child.

Second, I am going to totally do a blog post at some point that includes pictures and all kinds of things from Zambia so I'm not going to talk about it in detail right now because I couldn't do it justice. I will tell you though that our church challenged our congregation to build 10 wells during 2011 starting with raising money through our Christmas offering. Well go Saint James because they already have the money to dig 13!!! Fresh water for so many people in Zambia is going to make a huge difference!!

Enjoy this info today... tomorrow my laziness shall subside and I will tell you about Chris and my new addition to the family... Jacks!