Friday, January 28, 2011

Jackson "Jacks" Whatley

Let me introduce you to the latest love of my life! Who knew you could be so in love with such a little furball? He truly lights up each day! He has been such a joy and blessing that I cannot possibly express! Our little furball bundle of joy was born on October 1st! How precious... he was born right before we got married! He is currently 17 weeks as of today and is 5.6 lbs!
I have literally been crazy momma this week because he got sick twice! Apparently Havanese have very sensitive tummies and can get themselves in a wad over them! No worries, he's all better now and super ready for a weekend at home with his parents! Mom and Dad are proud parents of their super pup! I must brag and say he's NEVER had a #2 accident in the house! YAY :)

That's all for today! For now, enjoy these pics of his precious face!!

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