Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Borrowed words...

Certain people around me lately have spoken some things I really needed to hear lately and I thought I would share...

1- Really focusing on being single-minded. We all tend to be so double-minded focusing on God but also focusing on the world and what people think. We're called to be single-minded in our focus, our thoughts, our devotion.

2- Ministry for God is not time spent with God. 9 words. It is amazing how 9 words can make a huge impact on my life. I love ministry for God. I love time spent at our church. I love serving God in different capacities. And God loves that. It is his heart for us to serve him and do his ministry. But, he wants us. He wants us to sit at his feet and listen, seek Him, worship Him. I do both- but what do I spend more time doing? I'm ashamed to admit that I probably spend more time doing ministry for Him then just sitting and spending time apart with and for Him. A few weeks ago I was incredibly blessed to have a few days to really sit in a place where I could admire His beautiful creation and spend time repenting, time in prayer, time worshipping, time reading, and time allowing Him to speak to me. What a gift that was. It made me realize how much more that needs to be a part of my everyday existence.
Not just read my Bible, read a Devotional, Worship, Pray.

Quiet sometimes scares me....
But those few days showed me that the quiet times with God can be the most beautiful and Spirit filled times that we have.

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