Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Play Dates

Okay so all of my friends with children (which is a lot) always talk about their kids play dates. Boo! The fun you miss when you don't have kids! So anyway- my friends Amanda and Rachel and I got the four of our babies/furbabies together for a play date last night and here is the result....

Jacks met his best friend Fletch. Fletch is a miniature schanuzer that is I think like 4 months old! He is our friend Adam and Amanda's "furbaby" and has so much energy and is so lively! They were instant friends. We walked in the house and they started running around and they didn't stop until I left!

Jacks and Fletch also got to hang out with two of their favorite friends... Caroline and Amelia! They would play around Amelia and she would smile and giggle but if they got too close to Caroline she went into her assertive mode and was sure to tell them "NO!"
I was able to get lots of love from 2 of my favorite little girls which made my day! Amelia is getting so comfortable with Mommy and Daddy's friends and Caroline was just as fun and spunky as ever!

Thanks for the play date Amanda and Fletch and Rachel, Caroline, and Amelia. Jacks slept like a baby and can't wait to do it again!

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