Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Mind you, as I write this post a few words may come to your mind...

I'm not really sure I care. You see Chris and I have spent the night away from eachother on two different occassions since we got married. I was the first to leave...
A few weeks ago I left from Wednesday to Saturday to go on a girl's trip! Boy was it fun! But... I must admit that it is easier to leave than to be the one left.
Chris left early Monday morning (before I woke up) and was gone two nights. He comes back today! YAY!!!! It is not nearly as fun being the one left behind. So I came up with a list of why I don't like him being gone and then a few things that were nice about him being gone. The second list was much harder to come up with!

Why I Don't Like Chris being gone...
1- I hear EVERY noise in the house. SCARY
2- It is really dark when I take Jacks out to go potty. SCARY
3- I have to come home everyday at lunch. Commute from work-home=25 minutes
4- I really love my husband!
5- He takes care of me... really he does!
6-  You can talk to someone a lot more when you live together. The phone=not as fun.

What was nice about him being gone...
1- I didn't cook 1 meal
2- Don't tell him but I didn't make up the bed until today because he's coming back today
3- He doesn't let Jacks sleep in the bed and I let Jacks sleep in the bed last night!

So yes I may be pathetic and cheesy but I'm ready for my hubbs to come home!

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