Monday, August 20, 2012

My little secret about boys

As I write this I am fully aware that I have only been a Mom for six months and my sweet little boy will grow up and over time his little demeanor and personality will change and grow and develop. And as I write this know that I don't have anything against girls, I love little girls, and if God blessed us with a little girl my heart would be so full and would love all the dressing up, bows, princesses, ribbons, and love that go along with it.

A large part of me truly desires and could see us with a house of boys! Sweet, dirty, rough, some artsy, some athletic, some studious, all playing, scraped knee, mud in their fingernails boys. I look forward to the late nights at the ballpark, and the guitar lessons with callused fingers, and the clothes I just bought that now have holes, and the higher car insurance because boys are "risky", and so much more. Right now- I see so much of that in my future and it makes me smile. I want to raise boys who always love their Mom and treat her with love and respect. Boys who adore their Daddy and want to model him in everyway. Boys- I picture a house full of boys. Our boys, our friends boys, our boys friends! Loud-dirty- silly BOYS!

I'm not sure when this really changed in me. I've always wanted at least one of each. I always assumed I would keep trying until I had a girl. Some of you may have heard the saying, "A son is a son until he chooses a wife, but a daughter is yours for life." Many people have seen this in their lives, their childrens lives. Daughters tend to stay closer to their parents. Parents tend to stay closer to their daughters.

Sidenote: I could write a totally different post about how I think that is a horrible cycle and people act that way because they just assume that is how it is and it becomes a sad self-fulfilling prophecy. So if that is true, I pray I'm a mom who can break out of that cyle and stays close and involved in my son's lives without being overbearing.

Back to the point, I see cute dresses and bows and such and my heart melts. I love it. I have a niece who I adore. I have friends with sweet little girls and I love them as if they were my own family. For us though, I would be completely fulfilled with a house full of boys. Now, don't let me speak for my husband. I am beyond positive I would melt seeing him with a little daddy's girl that has him wrapped around her finger!

So, that is my little secret. I'm not God (as we well know)! I cannot predict the future! So who knows what our house will be filled with in 10 years. Whether it be a house full of girls with little Hutton leading the way, a house full of rugrat boys, or a mix of both- I know God will bless our home, bless our children and we will have a barrel of fun raising a couple of Whatley munchkins!

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  1. Love love loved this!!! Precious to hear you talk about the live of Hutton and boys!