Monday, August 27, 2012

Sending you to Bonnie By the Bay

On this Monday I was going to post about my friend Brad's sermon from yesterday. He has moved his sweet family down to Mobile and is the Pastor of the Contemporary Service (and much more!) at Dauphin Way UMC. So like any other day I pull up my blogger and take a stroll through my daily reads and realize my sweet friend Bonnie has already written about it! She did it so eloquently I knew I had to send you there. So I am going to send you there. But first, let me tell you a little bit about this person you will be so privileged to learn about through her writing.

Bonnie and I have an interesting story. We went to Elementary School together and lived around the corner from eachother. I'm telling you- the most beautiful elementary school girl I've EVER known! Well after 6th grade she moved off to Auburn and that was that, or so I thought. Flash foward to August of 2004. It is move in day and I'm unloading my stuff into my dorm (310 Lupton from what I remember... or was it 210. ... who knows?!?) Anyway- I realize that this same Bonnie Nell Jackson lived just a few short doors down from me! Thank you God for putting this girl back in my life!

Some Auburn friends at my baby shower in December! Bonnie is in the animal print top with black pants!

Anyway, we became fast friends again and spent our college experiences together. College was a whirlwind. I won't get into the whole mess of that but what I can honestly speak for both of us is that we have grown leaps and bounds since then and are happy to stand and say that God has done so much change and refining in our life and we are so thankful. We're especially thankful that He led us to our husbands that we are so very grateful for.

So I don't get to see her as often but yesterday I did get to have a quick catch up conversation and a hug and hope to see her again soon! Check out her blog though, she's in graduate school for Education, starting her business "Bonnie on the Bay" making beautiful home decor items from oysters, working at a plastic surgery office, being a beautiful budget friendly decorator, and awesome wife to her wonderful husband Matthew!

So with that- I'm sending you on the way to Bonnie by the Bay!!


  1. How sweet is Bonnie!?? Almost as sweet as you. :)

  2. sweet, sweet, jess!! you are a doll and i'm so very thankful for you and our friendship. i LOVED getting to hug your neck yesterday and see your beautiful self! thank you for the sweet shout out :) you are precious to me and i love you lots and lots!!