Friday, August 17, 2012


  This will tell you how weird I am- everytime I think about saying goodbye to people the song "Leaving on a jet plane" rolls into my head. So yes that is what I have been humming all day today.
St. James has been an incredible church for us and has brought us a multitude of friends, mentors, and more since we both became members there. A long time ago some leaders of the church decided on a mission for the church based on what they felt God was leading them to do. I may not have it perfect but it is something like

To build up, empower, and send out fully devoted followers of Christ Jesus our Lord.

Well God sure wasn't kidding about that SENDING OUT part. We have said a lot of goodbyes and been to a lot of goodbye parties in our time at St. James.

Jonathan and Amanda Solvason headed out to New Orleans and man has God been up to some awesome things in their lives! Amanda is now on staff with Church of the King and if you know her you need to get her to tell you about all God is up to there!

Jeremy and Christy Smith (and Aidan- Maddox wasn't here yet!) are down in Niceville, Fl and God is using their sweet fam in so many ways. Jeremy is getting to preach weekly (one of the best preachers I know) and Christy is sharing her angelic voice with those Floridians

Jacob Eubanks is on his third extended trip to Zambia with his project- Water 282. Look it up, dig a well! Thankfully he returns for visits about twice a year!

Lester and Janeese Spencer (and Harden, Ciara, and Josh) are now serving at Gulf Breeze UMC in Gulf Breeze, FL. They poured so much into St. James and we know the group down at Gulf Breeze is thrilled to have them! Those women didn't know what they had coming! :)

Youth Interns of past (Sam, Woods- we're so glad you're semi back Woods!)- They are out beginning their full-time out of college ministry and I can't wait to see what God has in store!

Brad and Rachel Goode (and Caroline and Amelia) are now at Dauphin Way UMC in Mobile as Brad is serving as their Pastor over their Contemporary Service (I'm sure there is a more official name) and Rachel is beginning to delve into using her many gifts of writing, speaking, encouraging, etc. to become a part of the adoption network there! In addition to getting to stay home and spend quality time with two of the cutest girls I know! The contemporary service is growing weekly as Brad shares his gift of words that God has richly blessed him with! He probably already knows everyones names!

Mike Rollins took a big step and is now the Youth Minister at Dauphin Way UMC in Mobile. Mike- we're so proud of you and know that God is using you in big ways! Those youth are laughing all the time we know!

Raleigh and Christen Price (and Adeline and Maralee- thankfully they aren't 100% gone yet) are in the process of returning home to Dothan as Christen is going back to work in the children's ministry at a Methodist Church there. She has a gift and love for children and they are blessed to have her!

And then last night we did another goodbye party for sweet Trey, Abbey and Lilly Broox Carey. Trey has been given the opportunity to return home to Murfreesboro, TN and will be their Associate Pastor/Youth Minister. Abbey and Lilly Broox will be a part of their amazing preschool there and they will continue to touch the lives of children and youth!

We are immensely thankful for all of these people and the impact each of them have had on our lives. You have each loved us, poured into us, laughed with us, and been a part of the most memorable and important parts of our own life (wedding, Hutton's birth). We could never thank you enough for that. God is doing so much with each of you in your lives. His hand is certainly on each of you and your families and I look forward to following each of you in your lives and ministry as you continue to follow His path for your life. I just wanted to share how much we love you and will always love you and you will always be in our hearts, prayers, memories and we love visits!

With that said, we welcome with open arms those people who God has planned to come to St. James. We will love you as we have loved them and cannot wait to meet you!

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