Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 update

So we're almost done with eight months of 2012. SCARY! I was browsing my phone today and came across on my Notes app my list of what I wanted for our family in 2012. One word can describe what is on there.


Let me give you a little glimpse....
Learn to coupon for groceries - FAIL
Learn to sew - Not fully there yet
Write music- FAIL - I haven't written one song since April of 2011
Start exercising- EPIC FAIL
Run a 5K- From the above answer I think you know how that one went
Weight down to 1** - Continuance of the above two answers
Date nights every other week - FAIL
Take a trip with friends - FAIL
Remember people's birthdays and send a card - FAIL

Okay Okay. Well it hasn't turned out exactly how I anticipated. So here is my plan. I'm going to make a new list, and a new plan. Why would this work itself out you say? Well this time- I'm going to realize that I cannot do all of this on my own. I'm going to rely on God to help me. And for those things He can't just do for me (like take my weight off) - I'm going to ask Him to lead me to those who can help me. I'm going to try not to focus so much on other things so that I have time for the things that I obviously found important. I get too wrapped up in having things clean and put away and "finished" that I don't get to the other things. So here is my new plan...

Start exercising and get fit - don't worry about the number on the scale
Schedule a date night every other week Remember it is okay to ask someone else to watch Hutton
Remember people's birthdays - Put them all on the calendar and send personalized card instead of a purchased birthday card
Have two hours by myself every week to
be creative and let the songs come
Find a way to encourage my husband daily
Get up every morning early and spend time with the Lord -
then pray that He will multiply my time so that I
can get to everything else on the list
Set aside one night a week to sew -
Remember- Chris has to practice for his hobby and so do I
So if I'm not going to coupon,
find a way to make groceries cheaper and last longer!

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