Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Splish Splash!!

Bath time for a soon to be 8 month old!! I wish I had a picture to capture the moment Chris and I had last night. First let me reintroduce ourselves, I'm Aunt Jess and he is Uncle Chris. I am truly an Aunt Jess to my brother's sweet little daughter Cadence but last night we were Aunt Jess and Uncle Chris to one of our onofficial nieces, Amy Kate Damato! Our friends April and Matt had a sweet little girl back on January 21st! Well being new parents they don't get many "date nights" so I just went right along and offered Chris and my babysitting services up and on we ventured to the land of Amy Kate Damato! What a ball we had! Well I knew because I'm such a good listener that her bedtime is between 7:30 and 8:00 and you could tell this little girl was getting sleepy. She started getting a little fussy and even me who has no Mommy experience could tell that it was just a sleepy cry. Well I knew that she normally gets a bath before bedtime so I ingeniously decided that Chris and I should give her a bath!!

Hmmm, smartest decision I've ever made- probably not! Good thing she can sit up and could sit in the bath or else I would have been LoSt! She cried a little at first but then once I started splashing my feet around her she got all excited and I think there were a few smiles as Chris held her slippery self while I soaped her up and washed her off!

After bath time I knew it was sleepy time but couldn't bear the thought of just putting her down and listening to her cry so I just walked around and rocked her a little bit and it melted my heart to watch her head just fall down and sleep as I held her. I'm not ready for Chris and I to venture into the road of parenthood just now; however, holding that sweet little girl in my arms as she slept was a beautiful thing.

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  1. She slept all night!! So sweet for you to blog about AK