Friday, September 17, 2010


Since meeting Chris and beginning our relationship together I have made some amazing friends, and one of them happens to be one of the people I admire most in this world. Our friends Brad and Rachel are just normal people to the outside world, she's an accountant and he is a Pastor at Saint James. To us, they are two people with the biggest hearts and love for God we know!

In November (fingers crossed :) they will travel to Uganda to bring home their new baby girl Amelia! She is the sweetest thing you have ever seen! They already have one daughter Caroline who Chris and I would truly take away from them if that wasn't looked down upon. You would want to take her too wouldn't you?

Through being her friend and supporting her through their adoption process I have learned SO MUCH! Ignorance is not so much bliss these days. Ignorance is turning your head so you don't see the things that are truly supposed to make your heart cry. Ignorance makes you forget about all those who are hurting so you can sit back in your comfortable lifestyle. Ignorance makes you continue your past beliefs that are incorrect and judgmental. While I am still very ignorant about so many things I have learned so much and learned to be accepting of things that the world calls us to look down upon or see as a stigma. Rachel has a blog about their adoption process called Heirs with Christ that you must read! Go back a few and read this series she posted about HIV and it will rock your world. I might have forgotten to mention how incredibly SMART they both are! Like I said, we think ignorance is bliss but turning your head to look at the world and truly taking it all in can completely change the way you serve, love, and glorify God's kingdom. So go read, let it change your opinions and mindset about the children of this world. It changed mine :)

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  1. Sweet Jessica! You are too good to us! We love you and are so excited for the next few weeks! Mrs. Whatley to be!