Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Lord, I need time where there is no time. I pray you turn my minutes into hours that I can get everything done that is set out in front of me. I pray you turn my exhaustion into energy that I do not skip things because I am sleepy but that I keep going and get more done than ever expected! I pray you remind me of those moments that I need to be seeking you as opposed to doing what it is that I want at that moment. Lord I pray that you open my eyes to capture and enjoy every minute of this process. I thank you Lord for my wonderful life you have given me, I thank you for Chris and his kindness and love, I thank you that you gave me someone who loves you, I thank you for our families and their help in making October 9th happen, I thank you for the love you have given us that allows us to love other people, I thank you for our church family and their support in this time, I thank you for all of those surrounding us and pouring out their love and support on us. You are so good and I pray with confidence that you can do all and you will give me the time when I need the time to get things done. You will take my exhaustion away and replace it with extreme energy. Lord I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for this special moment and time and thank you for the future you have planned out for Chris and me.

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