Monday, September 20, 2010

Less than 3 weeks...

As of today the countdown is at 19 days! Wow, literally only 19 days until I am Mrs. Chris Whatley! It has a pretty ring to it doesn't it? Well 19 days makes us pretty busy! I devoted my entire Saturday to my Mom and helping her to complete wedding stuff! We had LOTS to do! We went and had bows made, we bought things to wrap things in, we went to the rental place, we bought almost every ivory candle that Hobby Lobby had and plenty more!! Although we were super busy it was so much fun!! She has been amazing throughout the whole time and I am so thankful for her!

Then on Sunday Chris and I both went over (he's so helpful) and helped my Mom do some things to put together programs! Even she said when she got this grand idea about making these programs she never knew how much work it would be! I will say, they are BEAUTIFUL! The picture below is kinda what they look like but not really! They don't have the vellum cover and they have a little flap that goes down where the ribbon is and then the ribbon comes through that flap! All in all, they are very labor intensive! Chris and I only helped a little so all the credit goes to my wonderful Mom who not only thought up the grand idea but has pretty much put them all together single handedly! Not to mention she did all the creating and printing! Wow- I'm a lucky girl/Bride!!

That is the wedding update of the week! On another note which I will give you all the details of tomorrow, Chris and I are going to see Kings of Leon tonight in Birmingham! This is so much fun for multiple reasons...
1- Chris is so musical but this is the first concert we've been to that is music that I introduced him to!
2- We missed seeing them in concert last year because we were out of town at a family wedding and so this has been a long time coming!
3- They are my favorite favorite current music!! (For all music prior to now I'm obsessed with Van Morrison)

If you don't know who Kings of Leon are grab a song on ITunes and check them out!! I will fill you in on how incredibly wonderful it is tomorrow! Yay :)

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