Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Title...

Hello all!

Before starting to write to you and wanting you to believe the words that you're reading, I must admit I started with a lie. Our oh so cute title, "A Whatley World" isn't completely true for me YET! We have 32 days left until we make it official so I cannot officially be a Whatley until then. However, the title was too cute to change the name to "The Soon to be Whatley World." Chris is convinced that our title is way too cheesy, fortunately for me I am the one writing it so it doesn't matter!

A little introduction to "The Whatley's"...

This is us a week ago at a shower our wonderful friends threw for us!
We are so blessed!

Chris is 29 and a Fleet Manager with a pharmaceutical company. While the rest of us probably see dealing with accident management and other car issues a complete pain, he is a total car guy! So breath easy, while I would rather work 60 hour weeks than deal with car stuff all day long, he loves his job! In his spare time he's playing guitar at church or parties around town and being a typical guy. He loves to ski more than anything and just learned how to scuba dive!

Jessica- Well I'm 24 and just started a new job with the Family Sunshine Center as a Prevention Educator. Hmmm, you may ask what it is I'm trying to prevent! Well we are a non-profit agency working to break the cycle of family violence and sexual assault. This includes domestic violence, child abuse, etc. In my spare time I'm reading, with friends, or at Saint James doing something!

This is us, there will be more to come but I thought an introduction would settle for our first post!


  1. Yay! I can't wait to see what you put on here!

  2. Jessica! So happy for you! I'm thrilled for you during this incredibly special time and hope to meet your wonderful Chris soon! Love you and your blog looks great!