Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ten things on Thursdays

  Its already Thursday again? Crazy how time flies?! Well my baby shower is coming up in about three weeks so I've had baby things on the mind recently. I was thinking about all of my favorite baby items and so I made a top 10 list. They are (in no order)... Mind you- I have no idea if any of these items are actually "worth it." Many of them I just think are so darn cute I can't stand it!

1- Nap Nanny: How can you not want a giant one of these for you to take a nap in! Precious and I'm a sucker for anything minky...
2- Bestever mat- Lamb: Well first off I'm a huge lover of anything lambs. Add a super soft mat for Hutton to lay on the floor and be super comfy. I'm in love!

3- Chicco Travel System: Well all of my mom friends have loved their Chicco's and I think the red is awesome! Perfect for Hutton! Is it weird that a stroller makes me feel grown up?

4- Samsung Video Baby Monitor: I've always wanted a baby monitor because I know I'll be psycho and once Hutton is in the crib I will want to be able to see him all the time. Awesome thing about this- we can plug it up to our tv and we can watch him on the tv in the bedroom, or the livingroom!

5- Timi and Leslie Diaper Bag: Is it a purse or a diaper bag? Definitely stylish enough to be a purse but a diaper bag still! My mom has almost convinced me not to get this because she wants me to get one I can wash... but it has water resistant lining and the outside is faux leather so its hand washable. Hmmm- I'm not totally convinced against it yet!

6- Crocheted beanies and booties: Seriously? Is there anything more precious than baby beanies and baby booties? I'm in love- maybe I should learn to crochet!
7- Daygowns: I have a weakness. Chris thinks these are the worst things ever. When I mention them and show them to him even in blue he says, "You're gonna put Hutton in a girl's dress?" I still can't help it! This is what I want to take Hutton home from the hospital in SOOO much!! The blue is in gingham and has little blue sailboats down the middle.

8- Baby Auburn Gear: You didn't know my plan was for Hutton to say "Mommy", "Daddy", and then "War Eagle?" Haha a girl can dream! We all know he'll be sporting orange and blue from birth though!
9- Baby Bathrobes: I completely understand that this item is not a necessity; however, have you seen anything cuter?

10- Last but not least, our Jenny Lind Crib: I was in a Jenny Lind crib when I was a baby and I love their traditional sweetness! Ours may be in next week :)

Thats all for Thursday folks! Alert: the beadboard is completed minus a few touch ups so I will be posting a nursery update tomorrow!

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  1. I agree with everything on your list (except exchange Auburn gear for Bama!) I will say, the nap nanny is totally worth it! Mac LOVED his! I just put it up a few weeks ago but he was still crawling on and sitting in it. We have the lamb too and Mac still lays on it when I put it on the floor. It is so soft! Also, video monitor is a major YES! I spent many a nights looking at that monitor! And the day gowns..take him out of Montgomery and you will get lots of "she is so beautiful" BUT when it comes to diaper changing time, you will be so glad you only have to lift up the gown and not unsnap/button/zip anything! Mac lived in those for many months! Literally, his newborn wardrobe consisted of 90% daygowns!