Monday, November 7, 2011

Nursery in Progress

  Let me say, I had an amazing weekend. Now, I'm exhausted. How can our weekends be so exhausting? Aren't those supposed to be for rest? Oh well! Getting ready for a baby is exhausting; yet, I have a feeling having a newborn in the house is MUCH more exhausting.

Well Chris and I tackled our first home project this weekend! He did all the shopping to prepare Friday night and then Saturday he did most all of the prep work and put up one panel of the beadboard. Sunday I got to jump in and help! Yall- it was so much fun! I wasn't exactly sure how Chris and I would handle a house project like that together because we had never done one before. In addition, our working styles are SOOOO different. I tend to rush through things and get them done very quickly but not always to perfection. Chris is much more of a perfectionist in his work; however, it takes him longer. Turns out we worked great together! Here is a little preview of our progress...

This last picture is of shutters that I bought at Scott's in Atlanta and am painting blue to put on the wall in the nursery! They have multiple layers of paint underneath so painted over it gives it a vintage look which I love! I will have more updates tomorrow as we continue to work tonight!

I hope everyone has a great week!

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