Friday, November 4, 2011

Gloomy Friday

  It happens to be rather gloomy outside but nothing could stop me from being excited that it is FRIDAY!!
What will your weekend consist of? Ours will look at little something like this...

A little chicken pot pie for dinner tonight...

Tomorrow Chris will be installing the beadboard in the nursery... wish him luck!

I can't necessarily say I will cheer for LSU, but I won't be cheering for Bama. So I will mainly be neutral with a little more love extended on the Tigers side. What can I say? Go Tigers comes naturally!

I will probably debate a little more about how I want to organize Hutton's closet/dresser. What to hang? What to fold? I'm having so much trouble with this decision!

And last but not least some of our best friends are going to be in town, Jonathan and Amanda Solvason! We can't wait to see yall!

I hope yall have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend ahead of you!!

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