Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...


Okay, I can't help it- I'm one of those! If Chris would let me, we would be pulling the boxes down from the attic tonight. Now, considering we're also in the middle of painting and installing beadboard in the nursery the timing would not be perfect. I love it though, I'm currently listening to Brenda Lee on Pandora sing me Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. I was in a shopping center last week and saw them putting the lights on the trees and it made my heart skip a beat. I love walking into crowded stores with a scarf around my neck and Christmas music playing as I'm surrounded by red and green everywhere.

I love Christmas for a multitude of reasons, number one being that that is when we celebrate God's gift of His son being born to save us! However, I do still love the commercial part of Christmas. I love that Christmas has sounds, smells, colors, and everything else that make me know that it is Christmas time!! So with my love of the commercial Christmas, this little note from Nordstroms makes me sad.

Don't get me wrong- I totally understand it. Our society does try to make Christmas a 3 month long event. We shouldn't ever complain about a shortage of Holidays in the Fall... Halloween consumes the shelves in October, Thanksgiving gourds and fall colors are everywhere in November, and we all know what December is like.  So Nordstrom, I get your point, but I'm still sad! It makes me wonder though what it would be like if we celebrated Jesus' birth all over the place everywhere in the same ways we celebrate Santa and the other hype that surrounds us November and December. My goal this year is that as long as I'm listening to Christmas music and enjoying the red and green that surrounds me, I'm going to celebrate Jesus being born all of November and December as well!

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