Friday, November 11, 2011

Beadboard = CoMpLeTe!

  Well it is done! My sweet husband stayed up WAY past normal hours too many nights this week to finish the tedious work and it was well worth it. If you know Chris you know he is a perfectionist and this was no different!

This is one of the walls and thats our changing table! It looks sad and empty because the baskets aren't full yet and there is no changing pad on there yet but all to come!

Sorry the lighting in this picture is so bad. Here is another wall and that is our rocker/glider in the corner!

Curtains and wall hangings and crib all to come!! Thank you Chris for working so hard!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, Chris and I are going to a birthday party for our friend Adam tonight to celebrate him turning 30 on the 8th and then tomorrow bright and early we head to St. Simons Island, GA! More details will come about that after we get back but lets just say I'm ECSTATIC!

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  1. Love that your back to blogging! Chris is a stud. Cant wait to check the room out.