Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Since I've been driving back and forth to Montgomery during the week it has given me the opportunity to have precious lunch dates with friends who I miss. Yesterday, I had the chance to have lunch with a friend, mentor, unofficial older sister, and a very Godly woman I look up to. We just went back and forth the whole time. We shared frustrations. We shared joys. We shared life happenings. She's a little bit older than me (not much!) but doesn't look down on me or at me.

We began to talk about how it is common for us as Christians to look down at our mistakes, and sit under the weight of our guilt. This often stops us from moving forward and we both expressed that in our past it made us continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. We both had experiences where we felt unworthy, and we were seeking acceptance and it caused our sins to mount and our shame to grow.

Then she just made such a statement of truth that I've kept it with me and felt led to share with you.
When we do that and hold on to our guilt and our shame and don't ask for forgiveness and move forward- we are saying that our mistakes and our sin are bigger than Jesus' death on the cross. That's crazy- no our sin is not bigger than Jesus' death. He died for ALL of our sins. Big and Small. He said "Tetelestai" = IT IS FINISHED. That means we don't have to sit under the guilt. He calls us to get up, continue, and live as the forgiven cherished son/daughters that we are.

I love these Keep Calm images way too much. I know, it's annoying now not trendy but I can't help it!

I loved that today. I pray that you carry that with you. Don't make the same mistake because you already have, what's the difference now. I lived with that mindset for years. You were made for more than that. Don't miss anything He has for you because you don't think you're worthy. We're so unworthy, but at the cross He made us WHOLE.

Reminds me of the beatiful song His Glory Appears from Hillsong...

You gave me hope
You made me whole
At the cross

You took my place
You showed me grace
At the cross
Where you died for me

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