Monday, February 25, 2013

Rental Projects

 We're renting our current home in Birmingham. Rentals are interesting. What I have learned from renting a house is we are incredible landlords with our home in Montgomery. We had it fixed up super nice when we moved in. I cleaned every speck of that house. We painted every room and perfectly. We filled in holes from pictures, curtains, etc. We had the carpets professionally cleaned. It was spic and span.

Not so much the case in the home we are renting here in Birmingham. 3 rooms had been painted, just not very well. I won't get started on the other details. Anyway, I want to love it more than I do. I want to do some things to make it feel like "our home."  Chris bought our house in Montgomery a good 4-5 years before I even met him. It always felt like "his home" to me. This is supposed to be our home. So how can I make it "ours" even though it is really not.

Here are my project dreams...

1~ The Pantry

I want to get a new door on it. The current one is slotted which makes it where I cannot use the inside of the door for any storage. I also need to do some reorganizing of it. It's a teeny pantry and needs some help. A new shelf, foam board over the wire shelves so items don't slip through the cracks, and more!

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This pantry from I Heart Organizing is my dream. Seriously.

2. Drop Cloth Curtains
We have this huge window in our living room and my old curtains definitely don't fit. So I would love some DIY drop cloth curtains to fix this problem on a budget.
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3. Kitchen
The cabinets. The paint. The hardware. It's a little rough.
I can't fix it all. New hardware though, very doable don't you think?
If I'm going to get new hardware, might as well be cute knobs and such!

4. Dining Room
I've been waiting for a dining room. We finally have one. A really good size one too. The only thing is, it is currently a hodge podge of the furniture that didn't fit in the rest of the house. None of the finishings match. The table is creaky and not big enough. There is no storage for nice dishes/serveware. Here is what I imagine...

A farmhouse table. Wood rustic top with cream legs.
One side with normal chairs painted a color. (I have these already, just need to paint!)
One side with a bench seat perfect for little ones.
Two comfy fabric chairs at each head. (I have these already!)
A rustic corner cabinet to hold some of our nice serveware that our kitchen is too small for.

A girl can dream...

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  1. beautiful decoration of kitchen and dinning hall. thanks for sharing that. Flat share