Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Future Unclear

When we said "Yes" to God and started preparing to hit the road to move to Birmingham I knew we would have to trust in God for a lot of different things.
Trust that our home would rent - Check
Trust that Chris would find fulfillment in this job - Check
Trust that Chris would be accepted in this job - Check
Trust that we would find a place to live - Check
Trust that Hutton's new preschool would be a good fit - Check
Trust that we would make friends - In Process :)
Trust that I would find a job - ...
I started looking for new employment almost immediately. I had an idea of what I wanted but all within a broad spectrum. I knew the deepest desire of my heart was to work at a college. Especially in  a job that would allow me to work with students. Oh how I dreamed. But, overall it didn't have to be at a college- I wanted to still work with a student population. At least while I'm still young enough for them to think I'm "kinda cool". I have so many passions, could employment come in another different area? Dreams of store ownership seem far off. I've loved working for non-profits- I believe in working for an organization with a higher calling that I believe in.
Well, new employment didn't come and hasn't come. God blessed us by my old job offering to keep me on a part-time basis through the end of March. So that is what I'm currently doing. 2 days a week in Montgomery and work 1 day from home. I love this job- I would do this forever.
I need full time work
I need to be in Birmingham full-time
So here I am, drawing dreadfully near March and the title of "unemployed." I have 3 job applications currently in with no new opportunities in sight.
So many different directions to look...
Do I just get a "job" because we need the income...
Do I look for a job in a totally different field...
Do I try to hold out for what I think my heart truly desires...
Does God have something else for me?
I know the key is to trust in God confident that He will provide.
I'm terrified.
I know Chris is terrified even though He won't say a word.
Pray. Listen. Pray. Listen.
Will you pray with me?

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