Friday, September 14, 2012

The truth about being busy...

 I'm going to be uber honest for a minute. I get a little frustrated when people tell me how busy they are. I know I know- people have things going on, life is CRAZY! I'm telling you ~ drives me nutso. Then I remember that I'm about to delve into a blogpost about how busy I am. Ooops, forgive me please.
This is our life...
~We both work full time~
~We don't pass up on play time with our little buddy~
~We wash 5 bottles a day~
~We cut our own grass, do our own laundry, clean our own house, wash our own cars~
~We rarely turn down an invite to enjoy a meal with friends~
~We both spend about 10-15 hours a week at church~
~We both have hobbies we wish we had more time to explore~
~We try not to pass up the opportunity for weekends with friends, family, and even work commitments~
I say all of this not to tell you how busy we are or for you to respond and tell me how impressed you are that we keep it all running. I write this to tell you the truth about our "busyness."
~Yes there are days when we just want to stay curled up in bed~
~Yes there are plenty of days I wish I worked part-time~
~Yes there are times I feel like a complete failure that I have this sewing machine and embroidery machine and can't carve out the time to use them~
~Yes I waste too much time trying to measure up to other females and moms with different circumstances~
 ~We wouldn't trade it for anything~
~Even when we're tired and exhausted, the time with friends and family is worth every minute it takes away from chores or sleep~
~Doing our own chores around the house and yard is fulfilling and we're always pleased with the result~
~Spending those hours at the church listening to sermons, fellowshipping in small group, worshipping, leading small groups is our privilege and honor~
And this I know
~It is impossible to stay so busy and stay rested without relying on God to help us through it~

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