Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Future

Lately Chris and I have been thinking about a lot of family decisions. What do we want for our family? What do we want for Hutton? How do we want to raise Hutton? What are the most important things to us? How do we want to spend our money? Where do we want to travel?

We've done a lot of future thinking. 5 year plan type thinking. Side note: I think it is great to have a 5 year plan and suggest it. But also be flexible and understand that God may have something else.

In all this thinking and planning I've been wondering about my future. I will always be a Christ follower, Chris' wife, and Hutton's mommy. But what will my life look like outside of those things in 5 years. Right now, I honestly don't know the answer and I think thats okay. Here is what I do know...
~I love going through life with people~
~I have a passion for youth and college aged girls~
~I love friendships~
~I love sharing~
~I love creating~
~I love giving gifts~
~I love to read~
~I love to be with my family~
~I love being busy~
~I loev planning parties~
I get to do a lot of that now and pray that I continue to have the opportunity to do these things in the future!

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