Friday, September 7, 2012

Much needed girl time

 I've been saying for months how I needed a good girl's weekend. My life has been majorly slacking on girl time lately. I've had 2 friends move away, 1 has been super swamped with just life in general, 1 is in another country, and then everyone has their busy lives! So last Saturday I got up early to head to Nashville for my sweet friend Melissa's Bachelorette Party. Melissa is marrying her fiance Clay on September 22nd and so we went off for her last bash beforehand.

I must say, I was a little nervous going into it. I only knew 1 other person besides Melissa the bride. Another girl named Melissa who I had only met because I bought a candle from her. So I was venturing into a weekend knowing two Melissa's and a handful of introductions ahead of me.

Let me tell you- it was just what I needed.

Rest ~ Late night talks ~ Eye makeup lessons ~ Delicious Food ~ Pajama Sunday ~ Snacking ~ Outlet mall shopping ~ Bachelorette Scattegories ~ Father of the Bride ~ Bachelorette Gift Giving ~ Lots of Laughs ~ Dancing ~ Did I mention eating?

This all rejuvenated me and while I missed my 3 boys immensely while I was gone it made me all the more excited to get home and see them!

Looking forward to seeing all my new friends at the McWedding Festivities in 2 weeks!

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