Thursday, September 6, 2012

10 things on Thursdays

Today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday! Woohoo! I thought today I would list the 10 things I'm the most looking forward to this weekend!

They are in no particular order!

10- The My Kids Attic Consignment Sale! My sweet friend Melissa got me a preview pass so I get in tomorrow at 4! Woop woop!

9- Auburn Game watching and eating with my friends Adam and Amanda. I haven't seen either of them in SOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo long so I can't wait to catch up. I know that laughing will be in store because Adam is hysterical.

8- My husband comes home!!!! We have only been together 5 hours (they were all sleeping hours) in the last week and we've never been away from eachother that long.

7- I'm teaching Middle School Sunday School this week. Now sometimes you have to pull words out of those middle schoolers to get them to talk but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless.

6- Youth Small Groups start back! I'm rocking my third year with the same group of girls. They are Seniors this year and I cannot express how much I love them and how proud of them I am. Love you Bailey, Caroline, Kathryn, Emily, Becca, Taylor, Alex, Kelsey, Carlie and Morgan!

5- Dinner with my Mom tomorrow night! I haven't seen her much lately so I'm very much looking forward to a free dinner and catching up.

4- Delicious family dinner Saturday night in honor of my husband's return! I'm not even sure what I'm cooking yet but I think I'm going to pick up some shrimp at the store and go from there. Any suggestions?

3- Sitting through a sermon at St. James with Chris. Between sicknesses, vacations, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties and more we haven't sat through a sermon together in over a month.

2- My dog not barking in the middle of the night. Anytime Chris is out of town Jacks goes on high alert. This means that any noise from the hours of 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. he barks at OUT OF CONTROL! For me it means, no sleep, dark circles, puffy eyes, tired employee!

1- Family walk! I have to admit, I am not a huge walker. I should be I know. But, Jacks loves them, Hutton loves them, Chris loves them so I'm determined to learn to love them. Plus- I love being with all of my boys so if they all want to walk- then I'm up for it!

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