Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Worship Wednesday

I have a slight obsession with this song. Phil Wickham happens to have an amazing voice but I love his reference to us joining in with the worship of the universe. I mentioned a few weeks ago about listening to Louie Giglio's talk about how the universe is constantly worshipping...

Trees, Wind, Rain, Thunder, Birds, Bees, and so much more!

God made all these things and made them to constantly make beautiful sounds and I love the idea that when we worship we're joining in with their sounds!

It's falling from the clouds
A strange and lovely sound
I hear it in the thunder and rain
It's ringing in the skies
Like cannons in the night
The music of the universe plays

You are holy great and mighty
The moon and the stars declare who You are
I'm so unworthy, but still You love me
Forever my heart will sing of how great You are

Beautiful and free
Song of Galaxies
It's reaching far beyond the milky way
Lets join in with the sound
C'mon let's sing it loud
As the music of the universe plays

All glory, honor, power is Yours amen
All glory, honor, power is Yours amen
All glory, honor, power is Yours forever amen

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