Monday, July 9, 2012

Dealing with Hurt

I'm a sensitive person. Ask anybody that knows me. I'm so much so that my sensitivity was one of the first things Chris told my in-laws about me. While I am still sensitive, I feel that I get tougher every year. I hope that part of it is because I am no longer as concerned with what people think about me. 

Do you want to know the biggest secret?


Okay okay, well in some ways I want to be different. I want to hurt people less. I want to NEVER gossip again. I want to never assume the worst in people and always give them a chance first. I want to trust more. But- I have no desire to be less sensitive. Why? Because although I am very sensitive about how others hurt me or make me feel- I'm also very sensitive about how others hurt those who I love and even those I've never met. That- I never want to change.

So, if I'm going to continue to be good old sensitive me, how do I deal with those times when my feelings do get hurt? Those times when I feel like I don't fit in. Those times when I feel left out. Those times when others make comments that tear me down. Those times when I feel as if people don't see the real me. I'm asking this... because I've felt this way a lot lately.

I know the preachy answer. I'm well aware that my confidence should come from God and that he will always be there, always support me, says that I'm wonderfully made, is a shoulder to cry on. But come on, we're human and its not always that easy! I will get hurt, I'm human. But what to do?

Vent to my husband?
Vent to my friends?
Cry by myself in my room/office/closet?
Just accept it?

I don't know the answer- do you? My choice is that I'm going to lean on God for support. Yes people will probably make comments, but I'm going to lean on my husband when I'm hurt instead of being sad alone. I'm going to parent the way I feel called to parent no matter what anyone says. If you're close to me and hurt my feelings, I'm going to assume it wasn't your intention and move on. If I feel left out, enjoy the extra time to spend with Chris and Hutton.

Is this the best way- I don't have a clue. But, it's the way I've chosen for now.


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  1. Friend, I'm right there with you. I'm having a hard time loving those that hurt me, even though I know I should. I think the route you are choosing is a good one :) miss you and our small group girls!