Friday, July 13, 2012

Almost 5 months in... favorite baby items!

Well Hutton will hit 5 months on Monday. 5 WOW. That is almost half a year. I can't even fathom the idea that he has been with us almost half a year. It has absolutely flown by. He has brought us more joy in five months than I could have ever imagined.

So, in those 5 months we have used a lot of different baby items and I thought I would share my 5 absolute favorites!  

#5- Canopy Float - What do you do when you have a baby under 6 months in the summertime who can't wear sunscreen? Why be the ingenius person who invented a float with a canopy. Whoever you are, we thank you! You have helped our lake and pool outings significantly!

#4- Bumbo - Honestly, I partly love this because he looks so darn cute sitting in it. But, our little boy gets in these moods where he wants to be sitting up sooooo bad but he can't yet. So we are thankful to the Bumbo that it gives him that back support so he can sit up and enjoy the scenery!

#3- Car Seat Toy Bar- Love! It makes noise, it keeps my munchkin entertained in the car and he is enthralled by it! So Bright Starts- you won us over with this! This was the first "toy" Hutton was really interested in!

#2- Summer SwaddleMe Blankets! I completely understand that there is an obsession with the Aden & Anais swaddling blankets. Maybe I'm missing something but they were a no go for us. Too big. He busted out of them. Just didn't like it. Now these bad boys though- let's just say last night was the first night he slept in a sleep sack instead of this!!

And the winner is....
#1- The Nap Nanny! To say this has been my best friend is an understatement. I give the nap nanny almost all of the credit for the fact that our sweet boy started sleeping through the night at 4 weeks. So here's to the nap nanny... thank you for the precious sleep you helped me enjoy :)

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