Monday, July 23, 2012


Comfort: A state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint 

We see this word and we like it. We like to be comfortable. Ease and Freedom- those are good words. Just this morning I realized though- I'm too COMFORTABLE.

I see things like this and this and have conversations with friends who are helping women that are beaten, raped, addicted to drugs, wrapped up in prostitution. Why does it take things like that to make me realize that I am way too comfortable? I guarantee you that Chris and I don't wake up on any given day and think we're rich. We have conversations more often than not about things we can't get because we don't need to spend the money. But- we never do without. We have expensive hobbies, we have a house over our head full of nice furniture and decorative accents, we have more clothes than we possibly need, we have 2 computers, almost every Apple prouduct made, a tv in almost every room but the nursery, a beautifully decorated nursery, a closet full of clothes and toys and "stuff" for a 5 month old that doesn't even know it, a "boutique" dog. Still- we don't think of ourselves as rich. But then I go here and realize we have more money than over half of the world.

Don't misunderstand me. I don't think these things in themselves are wrong or evil. What I do think is God blesses us so that we can bless others. I think if we find our value in our "things" we are incredibly mistaken and that can lead to a scary result. So this morning, I sit in comfort but my desire is to be uncomfortable. I'm not asking that we suddenly live in poverty and I'm not saying God is calling us to give up all we have. What I am asking is that we put him first in our comfortable life to make ourselves more uncomfortable.

Open our eyes to those hurting- both those that are around us and those many many miles away

That we have an open home where people can come to feel loved

That we have open wallets and realize that God has given us what we have for a reason and to use it to help others

That we open our hearts and reach out even when we feel embarassed, shy, awkward or full of fear.

That we use our gifts like our hobbies, home, excess "stuff" to love on others, give to others, and bring people to know God's love.

My prayer today is that through our opening of our eyes, homes, wallets, hearts and more we can help others find comfort in the way the definition calls for. That others can find rest in our homes, friendships, prayers and more. And that when we can bring others freedom from physical and emotional pain. If being uncomfortable can bring other people comfort- then bring it on.

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  1. preach it, sista! this is exactly my heart lately