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7... in 7 days a sweet friend and I start our own version of Jen Hatmaker's 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. We haven't laid out our specific plans yet about each area but we do know that we start this Monday, July 30th. We start with food. I am a eat whatever I can find, love to eat out foodie so here goes nothing. Here are the 7 foods I will stick to for two whole weeks. Yep- 2 weeks!

Pita Bread
Bell Peppers
Greek Yogurt

So here we go...

The whole idea behind this is that it is somewhat of a fast. Not your typical fasting from food though. Fasting from the excess in our lives. The goal of this fast is not to see how hard or how easy it is to do without "stuff" for two weeks at a time. The goal is to realize our excess, realize how much we need God, come to the conclusion that we would rather have God than the "stuff." Many of you may be saying that you know you would rather have God than your stuff already. I know, I say this as well. My goal is to say this and

Mean it so much that if the stuff disappeared- I have full confidence I would still be satisfied in Him.

My other goal is that as I decrease the excess I will see, hear, and understand God more clearly. That I will see him in different areas when I am not so focused on what I am watching on tv. That I will see him in different people when my eyes are opened up to the possibility of only 7 items of clothes. That I will hear him through the sweet sound of my family's voices as I

This project is going to last until the week before Christmas. Each area is getting 2 weeks on and 1 week after for reflection. I'll blog a little bit here and there throughout. I'm thinking once before each area begins, and once after. Take this as my blog to begin "Food."

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