Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Measuring up

If you're a normal reader of my blog or follow me on facebook you may know that I've taken up the hobby of sewing. My husband gave me a sewing machine last October for our 1st Anniversary and I wanted to learn because I was pregnant and wanted to make something for our little Hutton on the way. Well Hutton came and I still hadn't even turned the machine on. Thankfully, I've been learning from a sweet friend for a little over a month now. I'm almost done with my third project except for buttonholes. Buttonholes currently feel like my enemy. I dread them.

As I talk to more and more people who I know that sew (TONS of friends, my sister in law, my mother in law, read blogs, etc.) I can start to feel very overwhelmed and feel like I just don't measure up. Most people I know are way farther than me. Most people I know have way nicer machines than me. Most people I know can smock, hand sew, embroider and applique. But, I'm not most people and I have to remind myself that I just started. I plan on learning to embroider and applique (can I please have that embroidery machine hubby please?! :) and I plan on learning to smock, that hand sewing stuff is for the birds though :) By that I mean, I don't have enough sewing confidence for that just yet! But, all those things can come in time. For right now, a bib, a bubble, and a diaper set have made me very proud of myself! And honestly, I love it. It is so good for me. I get to get away from everything for a little bit and just throw myself into that. I have fun and it feels very rewarding to make something and then see my little man wearing it. And if I shall brag... according to my awesome teacher I sewed my best stitch ever last night!

So, if you ever feel like this is anything you do- just keep trucking and don't compare yourselves to others. You may catch up and even if you don't, you're doing something you enjoy and that is what is important!

So I found these quotes and thought I would share...

Sewing mends the soul. ~Author Unknown

Stitch your stress away. ~Author Unknown
I'd rather be stitchin'
than in the kitchen!
~Author Unknown

Until next time... May your bobbin always be full! (Am I a cheeseball or what?)

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