Friday, May 4, 2012


  No, when the title post is Seven I'm not speaking of that eerie creepy movie that many of us have seen. A little over a year ago a true mentor was praying for me and mentioned the Seven Fold Spirit of God. She expressed how much seven would be an important number in my life. It has already come to be an important number in many ways. Some ways I'm sure I haven't even realized. For example... I became pregnant after seven months of marriage. Hutton was born seven days early.

I wanted to delve into studying the number seven both biblically and in the secular world. So I'm going to do a series called Seven. I will kick off this series on Sunday. I will begin the study by going into what I'm learning about the number 7 and then will follow it up with a weekly post about each of the seven spirits of God. I'm really excited about what God is going to teach me through this study. To be honest it is one of the first times I alone have delved into a certain topic to actually do an in-depth study. With that I'm just asking for wisdom and discernment of what I read.

So tune in on Sunday!


  1. Jen Hatmaker has an awesome new book called SEVEN. I hear amazing things and hope to read it soon! You should check it out!

  2. You just got me excited! Going to pick it up this afternoon and read it this weekend! See you tonight friend!!

  3. Ha! I was about to mention the seven book. Rachel, you beat me to it!! T.J. got it for me. I haven't read it yet but am dying to do so! See you two in a bit!!