Friday, May 25, 2012

I have a hobby!!

I'm gonna be honest with you for a minute. Being married to a super talented guy with a gazillion hobbies isn't always easy. Sometimes the wordly part of my mind starts spinning and I see how incredibly talented he is and start to feel down on myself. You see, I've never really been that good at one thing. Yes I know I shouldn't feel that way.  I am well aware but he sings, plays guitar, now doing photography, resident car expert, and a super vacummer! I've always been the girl who didn't have a hobby- I didn't play sports, I don't thoroughly enjoy cooking, I tried scrapbooking once but it overwhelmed me. If cleaning dishes is a hobby I could claim that! Well last year for our anniversary I was of course pregnant so I begged Chris for my first sewing machine! Here I am the night he gave it to me....

Well 7 months later I had not turned it on, not read the instruction manual, not wound a bobbin, not threaded a needle. I was clueless! Thankfully I have this wonderful second mom in my life who is beyond crafty and talented and one of my personal heros! She opened her home to me Monday night and with her daughter in law we ventured into our first sewing class. We Her engineer husband wound the bobbin and threaded the needle. Unsure if I will be able to repeat those same steps alone just yet. She was so prepared and had our patterns cut out and put into envelopes for us with a pile of fabric ready for us to pick from. We were making an extra large bib to keep all the cereal and sweet potatoes and other baby food off our little munchkins fancy clothes. So we cut, and we pinned, and we incorrect pinned and then we took our fabric to the machine. We sewed and we sewed, straight and around curves. Those curves will trick you and we made a few mistakes but all in all we did well! Here was the finished product. Note: I cannot take credit for the beautiful monogram, Lil did that fancy mess with her machine that can embroider and applique too! Maybe one day...

Yipee! I actually made something! It may not be perfect- but its the first thing I ever made! Well the story only gets better from there. The next day on Tuesday I was having a little bit of a rough day. Chris knew that and in the nicest way possible went behind my back and e-mailed this sweet other mom of mine to find out what supplies I would need to get this hobby started. So Tuesday night we ventured out to go use a birthday gift certificate I had received to buy some new shoes and suddenly when I think we're headed home he changes routes. All of a sudden we're buying me sewing supplies. Sweet Chris!
It definitely isn't everything I'll ever need as I'm just getting started but I was excited to get some supplies and get this party started! My next project will be a diaper cover for my munchkin... wish me luck!

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