Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 I cannot get my mind off of adventures. I'm truly surrounded by people who are delving into new adventures. New cities, new jobs, new babies, new homes... It is everywhere. I truly don't have one close friend right now who is not in the midst of an adventure. What this also means is they are in the midst of change. When 2012 began I felt that it would be a year for change and its only May and my world has changed as well as those surrounding me. I've always heard people talk about being afraid of change and wanting things to stay the same. Well, I know that all of these people experiencing these changes and adventures are excited about their changes. They're excited about what God wants to do through them in their new towns, new homes, new roles, with new babies. As excited as they are, some are a little nervous, a little apprehensive but they are all trusting God.

When I think about change I look back and my life is exactly the same as it was four years ago... or not. Four years ago I was entering into my last summer of college before I graduated in August of 2008. Four years ago I was dating someone that wasn't Chris. Four years ago I was working retail. Four years ago I didn't think I would have a baby until I was 30. Four years ago I weighed 13lbs less than I do now. (Such a sad fact) Four years ago I didn't have any animals. Four years ago I prided myself on my extensive and expensive wardrobe. Four years ago I was a shopping addict. Four years ago I ate fast food at least once a day. Four years ago I was obsessed with what people thought about me.

Today... I have my college degree and don't want to return to school. Today, I'm thankfully married to Chris. (Best decision ever made) Today, I'm on my second job since my retail job and loving non-profit work. Today, I have a 3 month old who has changed my life and I love and adore more than words can say. Today, I weigh 13 lbs more than I did four years ago. Today, I have the best puppy a girl could ask for! Today, I haven't bought a dress that cost more than $100 in a long time. Today, I still enjoy shopping much more than I should but I also LOVE to give gifts and love to pass down clothes for others to enjoy. Today, I'm eating a green smoothie and having a dinner tonight that is full of healthy/organic food. Today, I definitely still care what people think of me, but if they don't like me- it doesn't bother me as much.

So, why not trust God? He's definitely changed my world but I like who I am today.

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