Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The unknown...

The unknown can be so scary for us at times... right now I'm finding the unknown a little freaky. Last night our realtor called us and told us that someone is about to/may already have make an offer on the house of our dreams! That is the house of our dreams that is missing one crucial thing... a garage. However, if we had gotten that house for the right price we would build a garage. Of course, none of that matters because as it is we need to sell our house in order to buy another house and our house just went up on the market yesterday.

So here is the unknown... we have no idea where we may live in the next few months. If our house were to sell tomorrow (yes we know it won't) there are ZERO houses on the market right now that have the things on our wish list in our price range. Are we picky or what? Now you must know- Chris and I don't have the same tastes in houses much so this narrows down our search tremendously.

I've heard all the encouragement- thanks friends and husband for your wonderful words that the right house will come along, God will put us where we're supposed to be. I know all of this and I do truly believe it. However, most people could look up houses for sale right now and at least find one other house they would like to live in in their price range. Zero really? Who are we? So we could get a fixer upper and make it into what we want it to be... but nobody seems to have faith that we're fixer upper types of people. This may be because we're so busy doing other things or it may be because Chris' sister and her husband fixed up a house and did a great job with it and they tend to be more handy/decorative than us. Who knows the reason why but either way- the unknown is scary for me right now. SOMEBODY SELL YOUR HOUSE SO I CAN LIVE THERE!

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