Friday, April 15, 2011

40% Off

Some of you may know this... I am slightly addicted to shopping. Chris figured this out the hard way. Well I used to never look at sales... now in my married stage of life I always look at sales. One of my favorite stores is Ann Taylor Loft. My co-worker deals with this on a daily basis with me. It is so perfect for my life.... professional yet trendy enough for work, dressy enough for a contemporary church, comfortable for travel, and fun enough for social activities. I swear- if I woke up one day and was told it was the only store left in existence, I would be okay. So all week I've been getting e-mails about how everything is 40% off. 2 problems with this...
1- I'm on a two month clothing spending freeze. (sort of- I took one small detour on April 1st and bought an outfit) Other than that I have stuck to my freeze to show my husband how much willpower I have.
2- We might be about to buy a new house... aka I have to show how seriously I can stick to a budget.

Because of this I have been having to ignore those enticing 40% off e-mails. But today, just because it is Friday I thought I would indulge myself by picking out what I would purchase if I could.

Feminine but fun and super comfy. This needs to be my lake top for this summer with white shorts, pants, jeans, everything maybe.

Everything about white and linen makes me smile! With Easter being a week away it is officially time to pull out the whites. This would be perfect for work... feeling a casual Sunday at church. Top it work a pretty blouse, to be more casual just throw on a tee, or even pull over a blazer if it is still chilly one day/night. LOVE

 Oh the many things I love about this. 1- I love skirts. 2- You look and you can't really tell whether its animal print or not. 3- Its not as super long as some pencil skirts for short girls like me. Skirts at work make me smile :)

 So those are the things I love at the Loft right now. None of these will make its way to my closet; however, a girl can dream. For now I'll just go look at my overly full closet and remember how extremely blessed I am.

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