Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Start over?

Do you ever have one of those days where you wish you could start over? I do... and obviously today is that day. Let me just take a recap of my day-

1- Woke up late and woke up frustrated due to a personal situation. UGH!
2- Rushed to work with wet hair to prepare for a presentation I had to do and in-service I was in charge of planning. 
3- The doctor who was supposed to do the Dr.'s In-Service for staff= NO SHOW
4- The presentation I was supposed to have at 10:00= CANCELED
5- Internet on computer= NOT WORKING. Now this is worse than just no internet- this means no e-mail and I cannot connect to the server which means I couldn't even open any documents.
6- Went home to let my sweet puppy Jacks out for lunch= DIARRHEA IN HIS CRATE

So seriously? Well I was expressing some of my concerns about halfway through this rough day to a co-worker and they just said "Jessica- look for the light." So thats what I'm going to do... look for the light.

1- It is Holy Week and nothing I can face in this day can even come close to what Jesus faced this week 2000+ years ago. Even through this I am so blessed that because of what he did, my poor attitude, selfishness, and my not so pretty spirit right now can be forgiven. Whew- just a reminder of how undeserving I am.
2- A group of some of our closest friends are getting together Friday night to celebrate the birthday of a friend who moved away but will be home for Easter. So truly blessed by the friend's God has given me. I couldn't have asked for anything more.
3- I'm only working for a few hours on Friday and going to hang out with a friend and a precious girl from our Youth Group that I love!

So the light definitely shines over the darkness that has been today. Tonight I will go home to my wonderful husband and my precious (although maybe sick) puppy and just have family time. Love.

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