Monday, April 18, 2011

For Sale...

As of today our house is officially listed FOR SALE! So yes come one come all and please buy it! Not that we know exactly where we will be yet. You see we found this house in Old Cloverdale we LOVE... but you shouldn't be surprised that Chris and I are a little picky. And it is missing 1 thing on the want list!

What we both want:
1- Character
2- Not cookie cutter

What Chris wants :
1- Garage

What Jessica wants:
1- Either a 4th bedroom/or office so that the 3 bedrooms can be bedrooms
2- 2 1/2 baths or 3 baths

Well we live in Montgomery and to find all those things is HARD! So we're house hunting right now. This means my website of choice for now is I live there lately I feel like. We know the right house will come and God will place us wherever he wants us to be. So we're in a pickle, we want our house to sell quickly but there may be a chance that when it sells we have nowhere to go! Anybody want to welcome us into their home?

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