Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Wait- According to Webster one of the definitions of to wait is
 to stay in place in expectation of

That perfectly describes what one of my friends is currently going through and honestly, has gone through for many years.
Meet April.
This picture was taken in February of 2009.
This was when she was struggling with fertility.
This was when they were in the process of stopping the fertility drugs and had decided to wait to do IVF.
Fast forward to 2010
This is me playing with my friend April's little girl Amy Kate when she was only about 4-5 months old. Remember that February I was talking about, she ended up getting pregnant that April/May with no drugs, no ivf after a long battle with fertility issues.

Fast forward to 2011
Her sweet precious daughter Amy Kate turned 1 in January of 2011. A few months after that she and her husband Matt decided to start trying for #2. Mentally, she was prepared that it wouldn't come easy and wouldn't happen immediately. But, she prayed away hoping that it didn't take long. While God prevails, she got pregnant the first month they tried!!!!!

Fast forward to today...
My friend April sits in triage for the 4th or 5th time in 2 weeks waiting on lab work. She had preeclampsia when she was pregnant with Amy Kate and her body is leaning towards that direction again as she is struggling with high blood pressure or in the medical world they are diagnosing her with gestational hypertension. Her due date is January 10th. Praise God, she's measuring 37 1/2 weeks when she is only "supposed" to be 36 weeks. So she is waiting.
Last week she was put on bed rest and told to
She has been told to
a lot, and she has. So now we all sit here
and praying for Lucas' arrival. Praying for the Doctor's wisdom in deciding whether to go on and induce her and bring little baby Lucas into this world as a Christmas miracle. They are trying to find the right balance in keeping her healthy and him healthy. I know that God will give her doctor wisdom and we will see Lucas when it is the best time for both mom and baby! Keep your prayers coming for this sweet family as they

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