Friday, December 2, 2011

Relaxation then SLAM!

  Hello world! I haven't been ignoring blogging, we've just been swamped ever since we got back from our relaxing long weekend in St. Simons. Obviously we really needed that relaxing weekend to prepare us for the time ahead. Well I obviously couldn't move on without filling you in on how wonderful that weekend was so here goes my report on St. Simons Island, GA.

First, I've been to St. Simons before... twice! Lucky me! But Chris had never been and I wanted him to see how wonderful it is. One of my best friends from college lives there with her husband and so it made sense to go visit!

This is our AWESOME room at the Village Inn. Many places to stay in St. Simons can be a little pricey but this is reasonable and so relaxing and wonderful. You're in the perfect location here too!

Speaking of that sweet friend who lives here, this is her- Aletha! This is in the coffee shop that her and her husband Bo own which has some awesome coffee but is also making a huge impact on our world through their fair trade business practice as well as items they sell. Go to their website to learn more!

And that would be her in action with Bo!!

This is Chris on the patio of our room putting music to a song I WROTE! Wow, a song I wrote really has music to it now. Such a crazy reality but I'm super excited about it!

The beach... in November! And it wasn't cold! People were swimming, laying out, etc. We weren't prepared for it to be as warm as it was but we weren't complaining ONE BIT!

Sadly this was on our last day there in the courtyard area of where we stayed. It was so nice and exactly what we needed to prepare for the business that has since hit us since we returned! We've been working on the nursery like crazy and doing other stuff around the house to go along with our busy jobs! It has been a whirlwind but super fun. We have a whirlwind of a weekend ahead of us but I can't wait to fill you in on that on Monday! Time to celebrate Baby Hutton!

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