Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time for a Christmas game?

  I wanted to share a fun game with you that I created for our Small Group Christmas Party on Sunday and they seemed to enjoy it! Let me know if you need the answers!

Christmas Music Trivia

1. What do the treetops do in a white Christmas?
2. What is Rudolph going to go down in?
3. What kind of fire do chestnuts roast on?
4. What did your true love send you on the fifth day of Christmas?
5. What can we build in the meadow?
6. What two things are all you want for Christmas?
7. Where will our troubles be if we have a Merry Little Christmas?
8. What do bells on bob tails do?
9. Even though the weather outside is frightful, what is the fire? 10. What type of gifts do we bring to lay before the King?
11. Where did Mommy tickle Santa Claus?
12. Outside when the snow is falling what are friends calling? 13. What kind of nose did Frosty the Snowman have?
14. What do shepherds quake at?
15. What color Christmas will I have without you?
16. What do the angels sing?
17. What does the weary world do on this Holy night?
18. What type of joy do we repeat?
19. Jesus was born on Christmas Day to save us from whose power?
20. What are the three kings bearing gifts following?
21. The angel brought glad tidings of what?
22. What did they go tell it on the mountain?
23. Good King Wencelas looked out on the feast of who?
24. What was the little Lord Jesus asleep on?
25. What will you hear on every street corner?
26. How many times is Santa checking his list?

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