Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ten things on Thursdays

I'm going to be completely honest. This has been a VERY hard week! No, it shouldn't be. I had an amazing weekend with one of my best friends spending the night with me two nights and a baby shower on Sunday and capped it off with Small Group Christmas party Sunday night. But, Monday came and the weather got a little crazy and I got SiCk! I've come down with some sinus/cold ick and it has worn me down. I'm so exhausted as if I wasn't already tired enough! Enough with that though, even though I don't feel well there are too many things to be joyful about and thankful for.

1~ I was truly ShOwErEd with love and adorable gifts for Hutton last Saturday! I am so blessed with such loving, supportive, and generous friends and family.

2~ Tomorrow is Friday and Friday equals the weekend which is going to equal rest for me this weekend.

3~ This Sunday continues the Advent season. I have found this special this year as we celebrate the anticipation and coming of Christ and I anticipate the coming of our sweet boy.

4~ I have almost finished my Christmas shopping. We thought very differently this year for Christmas and I'm excited about what we're giving everyone.

5~ My sweet amazing husband is cooking me dinner tonight since I don't feel well.

6~ We have had an event every night of the week for over a week so tonight is the first night in a week we will just be at home relaxing together. Can you say food, fire, tv, and our sweet pup!

7~ I'm 29 weeks pregnant. Wow! I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. Hard to believe that hot summer day when I found out we were expecting a surprise blessing was 25 weeks ago!

8~ We're spending NYE in Atlanta with Chris' family to go to Auburn's bowl game! I haven't been to an Auburn game yet this year so I'm pretty pumped about it!

9~ This Sunday I'm spending the day with two of the best friends a girl could have to celebrate Christmas so we're going to be shopping, baking, listening to Christmas tunes and just enjoying being together!

10~ Through the sickness, I was fairly productive at work today!

That's all for today folks! Say a prayer that I'll feel better and have a little more energy tomorrow!

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