Monday, December 12, 2011


I saw this quote last week on Pinterest and haven't been able to get it out of my head since. It just amazes me the way every other thing I learn about pregnancy and motherhood has amazed me since finding out I was pregnant 26 both short and long weeks ago.

I go in Hutton's nursery everyday. Sometimes I go sit in the rocker and just feel at peace. Sometime I attempt to put something else together. Other times I go look through his clothes and imagine him wearing them. Yesterday, I put sheets on the crib and felt how soft they were and imagined him sleeping in his crib. The other night I turned all the lights off and turned on the sound machine just to imagine him in his crib sleeping to those sounds. On the sound machine one of the options is heartbeat. It brought me back to this quote. I don't even know what my heartbeat sounds like; yet, that is the most familiar and constant sound he hears. Even when he doesn't hear the Christmas music I listen to at work, or me talking to him, or Chris telling him good morning and good night and how much he loves him already- he hears my heartbeat. I pray he can tell from my heartbeat how much I already love and adore him!

I can't wait to meet our sweet little boy 10 weeks from today!  


  1. Teary eyed! So happy for you sweet friend! You are going to be such a great mama!