Friday, September 12, 2014

Sprinkled with Love

Everyone loves to celebrate babies! That is just what we got to do last weekend. We headed back to good ole Gump Town for the weekend to get together with some old friends who sprinkled Baby Mills with some love! Being that this is our second baby and we're having another boy, we didn't feel comfortable with a big shower but some of our friends spoiled us with some love in a low key sprinkle fashion!
We can't thank them enough for the sweet gifts they "sprinkled" us with but the best part was the time spent with them. Since moving we obviously don't see these friends as often as we would like. Hutton enjoyed his time with all these ladies and Baby Owen! As you can see, he's not into pictures as much as the ladies! 
We are so excited to meet Baby Mills and see how God blesses our family of FOUR! Five weeks from today!! 

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