Thursday, September 11, 2014

10 Things on Thursdays - Fall is Coming!

Who is looking forward to Fall? I can't even begin to express how excited I am for Fall this year!

The official first day of Fall is September 23rd so we have less than ten days to go! With that I decided my 10 things today would be 10 reasons I am looking forward to this Fall of 2014!

1- I think the most obvious reason is the new addition to our family we will meet this Fall! October 17th to be exact. James "Mills" Whatley will be joining our crew and we cannot wait to meet him. I can't figure out if Hutton is the most excited to meet him or the racecars he thinks his new little brother is bringing him!

2- Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Need I say more? I'm obsessed with these things. I have purposefully ignored every article that has popped up telling me how bad they are for me. I cannot help it - they are my favorite piece of Fall.

3- Leaves changing colors and falling. In the same way that we look forward to the blooms of Spring, I love the leaves of Fall. (Chris may not agree as he is not a huge fan of blowing leaves but it sure is pretty!

4- Auburn football. We're currently really good. Yes- we have a crazy hard schedule ahead of us but I'm hoping we continue to show that we're a powerhouse in footb

5- Fall Events - Pumpkin patches, Fall festivals, Bonfires. Granted, I don't actually have any of these scheduled but I'm convinced they will happen!

6- Family. Since we moved from Montgomery we don't get tons of visits from family but I have a feeling with a new baby coming soon we might get a few more than normal and I can't wait!

7- The smells. The smells of Fall seem to be the best. Making some apple butter to make our home smell delicious!

8- Leggings and Boots. For this pregnant and soon to be trying to get off pregnancy weight girl I don't think my body wants anything more than some leggings and boots to sport everyday.

9- Maternity Leave- Weeks at home cuddling my new baby boy- who could resist this perk of Fall!

10- Holidays! The fall is the busiest Holiday time of the year. Anniversaries, birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, preparing for Christmas! What joy and time with family these all bring. I've always wanted to host a "Friendsgiving" - anyone interested?

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