Monday, October 8, 2012

Our New Adventure

This is my family of four. My awesome husband, sweetest baby in the world, and of course our crazy pup ~ Jacks. A part of me cannot believe I am even sitting down typing these words. But, here it goes. 

Some of you know that Chris has felt a call to worship ministry. As we first started exploring that we weren't sure how that would look. Would it be in addition to his current job at Kowa? Would there be a new opportunity at St. James? Would we move? Would we stay? What we now know is that if you release control to God and tell Him you're willing to do what He calls you to, and go where He calls you to be ~ He will follow through. 

So as I write this today Chris and I are gearing in for another big adventure in 2012. I started this year feeling like it would be a year for change. I felt that it would be more than just the addition of Hutton to our family. That feeling was right. Starting November 1st Chris will be employed with Vestavia Hills UMC in Vestavia (Birmingham), AL.

How do you feel about this you may ask? Well let me begin the list
VERY PROUD (of Chris)

I don't think that list even covers it though. I came to Montgomery when I was two months old, Chris was born here. I went away to Auburn for 2 1/2 years, Chris went away to Auburn for 4 years. We know about Montgomery. We don't know about Birmingham. Stepping out in blind faith is exciting but it can be scary. 

So I ask for your prayers...

~Prayers our house rents QUICKLY~ Prayers we find a great place to rent there ~ Prayers about my future employment there ~ Prayers about who may replace my job here ~ Prayers about leaving our family ~ Prayers about the sadness of leaving our church home ~ Prayers for Vestavia UMC and our future ministry there ~ Prayers that our sweet boy transitions with ease ~ Prayers in the packing and moving of our home ~

Thanks friends. I am excited about the journey God is taking our family on! I can't wait to share what God is up to in Birmingham!

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