Thursday, October 25, 2012

Coming to a close...

This Sunday will be our last Sunday at St. James. Wow. I cannot believe I'm even typing the words. I've been doing a lot of reminiscing lately about the memories, the laughs, and the relationships that have been formed through the years. When I look back, I realize I really grew up during my time here. St. James truly prepared both of us to go out and do God's work. Thank you for all of those who poured into us, ministered to us, loved on us, prayed for us, fed us, and more!

To the media department- thank you for being the first to welcome me and help me find my place at St. James. April, Lisa, Jacob, Chap, Cyle, Dianne, Shanna, Lamar, Mike, Rachelle, and Randy- I have so many wonderful memories with each of you that I will forever cherish. As you all know, we can probably give Jacob the credit for most of the laughs. I met Chris in that media room and will forever be grateful.

To my sweet friend Rachel that predicted Chris and our marriage. You will always be part of our St. James family to me.

To our first small group at Steve and Lil's house. Thank you for being those extra sets of parents who we could rely on. Lil and Steve- you truly are family. (That includes you Cyle, Joanie, Eleanor, and Nate, Mac, and Milly)

To the people we have said goodbye to in our time at St. James- Jeremy and Christy, Jonathan and Amanda, Jacob, Kristin, Lester and Janeese, Brad and Rachel, Trey and Abbey, Woods~ thank you for teaching us what it means to "go" when the Lord calls you. You set us a great example.
To my Esther's Group- thank you for the bond and truly showing me what Christian fellowship looks like. You have changed my impression of what a "small group" really is.
To all who took part in our wedding day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the scriptures, the planning, thank you for the flowers, thank you for the musical talent, thank you for the song, thank you for the act of marrying us, thank you for handing out programs, thank you for the love.

To the worship team that supported both Chris and I through new jobs for me, our engagement, our wedding, my pregnancy, Huttons' birth. You have been there for it all- we love you so much.

To Vaughn, thank you for teaching Chris how to lead. Thank you for being that Godly example and supporting him. Thank you for giving him opportunities to grow. Thank you for the love, prayers, friendship and so much more.

To the Women's Leadership Team I served with. Thank you for the friendships, the fun, the laughter. I loved serving God alongside you and watching women grow closer to the Lord. Janeese- thank you for your example and leadership- it has been such a blessing.
To the women who have set such Godly examples of what it means to be a ministry wife- Janeese, Stephanie, Christy, Rachel, Abbey, Cindy- I will always treasure the models you set for me.
To our small group for our first two years of marriage- thank you to Bradley and Ann and Steve and Michelle's leadership. Thank you for the openness and the bonds that were formed. Small groups truly are second family.

To the people I have both seen and served alongside of in our youth ministry. Thank you for getting me involved, thank you for trusting me, and thank you for pairing me up some of the most wonderful girls.
To the women I spent a beautiful four days on a retreat with back in March of 2011. Those four days will never be forgotten and I love yall and the bonds we formed.
To my senior girls small group. Words can't even describe how much I love yall. This is not the end for us and we will keep up through this year and as you go on to college. I'm so proud of yall and will continue to pray for you daily as God rises you up to be strong women who serve HIS kingdom!

To the people who have cooked and served us dinner on Wednesday nights, thank you for giving me that night off, thank you for your smiles, your laughs, your love, and your friendship.
To all that loved on us and supported us during my pregnancy and the birth of Hutton. We will always tell him stories about his first church home and the love he received there.
Lastly, but not at all least~ to all the people who have been my friends. A girl to chat with, a shoulder to cry on, a lunch buddy, a shopping buddy, someone to vent to. You have shown me what true friendship is. I love all of you and treasure the friendships I have formed.

To everyone else for the smiles, the hugs, the prayers, the laughs, the pictures, the memories, the stories, the bonds, the worship time, the tears, and everything in between. It has been quite a ride and it is bittersweet to jump to the next one God has planned for us. Know we will remember you in our hearts, prayers, and stories forever. You will always be family.
I could never list everyone but thank you to those who have made our time at St. James more than we could have ever imagined....

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  1. And... Now I'm crying. I love you and our sweet St. James.