Monday, May 16, 2011

A week

Sorry it has been a week since my last post... It didn't help that Blogger decided it would just stop working for a few days. 

Yall- I just have to share this with you. My heart is wrecked. Early this morning I had to go pick up Chris from the car place and take him to work because he is getting his brakes fixed or something like that. Well a little backstory first is that my heart has been on sex trafficking non-stop since last Wednesday. A friend of mine (awesome Luv!) has been getting our church started in helping with a ministry called Stella's House that takes in orphans in Moldova to keep them from getting forced into the sex trafficking industry. Well she is in Turkey and Greece right now so we had a meeting at church that I was going to do for her. That was really the first time I had researched it and looked at the statistics. My heart was broken. So since then I have been researching and doing everything I can to learn as much about sex trafficking. 

Well back to this morning. I was driving to get Chris and flipping through radio stations when these words came on the radio.... "Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me." 
I just turned it off and cried. We use things like that as a form of entertainment and songs like that provide these artists with TONS of money when there are girls all over the world and even in each of our OWN cities that chains and whips and ideas of rough sex that is their NIGHTMARE. They have to live it out each and every day and it breaks them, gives them diseases, and eventually kills them. I can't grasp hold of how we as a people can download and purchase music using those kinds of words and not do whatever we can to help those girls. 

They don't have the gift of enjoying their body because it is taken from them. They don't have the gift of enjoying intimacy because they are forced to have rough and brutal sex with men they don't know and will never see again. They won't have the gift of being with someone who makes them feel loved and beautiful. All they are to the evil men that use them is sex and a young body. I just can't sit by while that is what is happening to girls even in my own city, state, country, world. They deserve every opportunity I have had and every blessing I have received. They are beautiful and they deserve to feel that way and know that their body is supposed to be a gift to them and their husband and not to be taken from them. They deserve to know that even though they are hurting and they feel empty and broken that God is there and loves them. 

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